I can create quick and intriguing marketing videos for any of your social media platforms! Whether you're trying to promote your business, product, or yourself, these videos will be perfect for sharing with your friends, fans, or customers. This would include promo videos for companies in which I can make a 1-2 min. video highlighting your services/products and showcasing how exciting your company is. I can shoot and edit videos regularly for you, or create multiple videos at once so you can share them periodically on all your social media platforms.



Are you a real estate agent that is looking to help promote and sell your client's property quicker? Perhaps you're already a home owner and you're looking to rent it out on sites like Airbnb? Either way, I can create a video to highlight the beautiful aspects of the home as well as show the amazing amenities it has to offer!



This is your big day and I would love to share these moments with you while I help create even more memories! From the moment when you're getting dressed to when you're on the dance floor, I can make an amazing video of the day you will never forget capturing your raw, authentic emotions as you get married to your significant other. I would also be willing to fly anywhere in the world to be there on your special day!



How much do your services cost?

This is the question I'm asked most frequently.  I wish I could be specific and break down exactly how much it would cost to film/edit for you, but it's very difficult to say because every project is vastly different. What I would recommend is email me what kind of project it is and what it entails. From there I can figure out how long it would take to plan, shoot, and edit and I would have a much better idea of how much I would charge for my services.

*Prices might include a rental & travel fee if required